Student stabbed boyfriend, but told she was too clever for prison

Domestic Violence Abuse in Many Forms Background

Unbelievable, and disgraceful. According to a media report, a 24-year old Oxford University student who stabbed her boyfriend was not sent to jail because apparently, she was too smart for prison.

Since the news was, broken the public is angry and rightly so, at this gender bias in the sentencing of an individual that commits a criminal act. She was sentenced to 10 months jail sentence suspended for 18 months.

In my opinion, it is not the sentence that we find obnoxious it is the comment. There are hundreds of people that commit a crime and are incarcerated and are much more, intelligent than this student.

If the judicial system is going to treat male domestic violence victim with such disrespect, it is setting a dangerous precedent. If the boot was on the other foot and it was the male that commits the act of violence, he would have been given a custodial sentence and not told he was too bright for jail.

From all of the media reports the reason why she attacks this young man because he realises her drinking was, a problem and contacted her parents. When she found out, she threw objects at him then stabbed in the leg with a bread knife.

I am appalled that as s society we do not take domestic violence against men seriously. We treat them differently, and this sentence is a disgrace to all male victims of domestic violence, shame on the judicial system.