British citizen sentence to 3 years for carrying tramadol into Egypt

A British shopworker has been sent to prison for three years, carrying tramadol painkiller for her boyfriend who suffers from severe back pain.

Are you kidding me, what century does Egypt thinks we are still in, the dark ages? How can that court justify sending a 33-year old to prison for having painkillers in her possession?

Egypt’s judicial system must be archaic, idiotic and stupid, in my opinion, they have violated everything decent about humanity.

I would have understood if she smuggled heroin, cocaine, marijuana or ecstasy into the country, knowing those drugs are illegal. Then I would have agreed with any severe punishment they gave her. However, this three-year sentence for having tramadol is ridiculous and undermines the fight against drug smuggling criteria.

The can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that had she knew that that having tramadol on her person she would be classified as a drug smuggler, or the painkiller was, banned in, Egypt she would have never taken the risk.

Unfortunately, she was doing what people in love do try to help her pain-stricken boyfriend. To have three years of her life and freedom, taken away in this manner is despicable. The Egyptians need to make this right and release her immediately.

On the other hand, if the British government sits back and let one of its citizens languish in an Egyptian prison under this unfair imprisonment then they will become as culpable as the Egyptians.