Van driver upset Jewish community by saying ‘Hitler was a great man’

An altercation over a parking space between a Black man and a Jewish person led the Black man to shout that ‘Hitler was a great man’, a statement he repeated when he was, asked to do.

Black people are not strangers to oppression, we have bored the brunt of inhumane conditions, hatred, and racism throughout our history. Therefore, we do not, in my opinion, as a rule in any confrontation with others stoop to racial slurs.

We cannot comment on why this van driver took that stance, maybe it was out of frustration, no excuse, but it is not a reflection of the Black community.

However, in the media article, there is a statement from the Jewish organisation President and, the quote, as stated in the ‘Metro news “I am deeply shocked that a person can hold and feel free to express such despicable views”. I am livid with the words ‘feel free’. His he suggesting that a Black person should not be free to hold their views, what his he insinuating with those words?

We may not like organisation such as ‘Britain First’ or any other Neo-Nazi group. But the one thing they have in common is the freedom to hold their views and beliefs which are the cornerstone of democracy.

So long as they are not using their beliefs to incite violence, against other groups, they have the rights to be bigots. For a Jewish person to use those words, ‘feel free’, I take exception to anyone using such language.

Although I disagree with the van driver choice of words, he his free to say them. We are a democracy and the same way in which the Jewish President feels about the words the Black man uses, is the same way I am annoyed at the words he uses in response to the incident.