It is not our business to tell anyone who to invite to their wedding

I believe it is downright rude and intrusive for any member of the government or civil servants to decide who Harry and Meghan invite to their wedding.

If the couple decides they wish to invite the Obamas as a guest to their special day that is their right, equally if they chose not to ask the US President.

It is not a government affair; it is personal. According to the media, civil servants are concerned and fears a diplomatic issue, if the US President is, not invited and the Obamas are, well that comes under the heading of ‘too bad’.

In most cases, one’s wedding day is an important day of their life. It is a day when you want the world, friends and families witnessing you pledge your love and life to another human being for the rest of your life. What you do not want is to invite anyone because it is politically correct.

In my opinion, I hope the Prince and his bride invite the people they want to share their unique day way with, forget the political aspects and enjoy their wedding day.

I am sure that anyone they do not invite will not be, missed. So what if those who do not get an invitation throws a ‘hissy fit’ it just happens to be, those individuals prerogative, not the couple.