British Man Who Hacked FBI & NASA To Be Extradited

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A 31-year old British man who apparently, according to the media, hacked the FBI and NASA will be extradited to the United States to stand hackertrail.

The British Home Secretary agreed the extradition of the UK citizen. The 31-year old man faces three trials and could go to prison, if found guilty for 99 years.

What I found unbelievable is the fact that he his arguing that he may die in prison.  Did that thought not occurred to him when he decided that we was going to hacking into the FBI and NASA.

According to the media report, the man allegedly stole a large amount of data from the department of defense and the US army.  I cannot believe that anyone could be so naive or idiotic to think he could commit those kinds of hacking into the US sensitive departments and there would be no repercussions for his actions.

There is no doubt that he will appeal extradition, but in my opinion the outcome will be the same.  If the UK depends on the US to extradite US citizen that illegally hacked British security systems, then the UK must do the same when their citizens hacked US departments.

I do not understand people with such computer skills using it to commit criminal acts rather than for things that benefits society.  Of course, as human beings, we are naturally curious, wanting to know what our government is hiding, secrets we believe the public should be provided with.  So if you go down that route then you must be prepared to face the consequences of your actions, if you are caught, and whining about your mental health now is ridiculous.  If you cannot do the time, then do not do the crime.