Teenage Murders Jailed For Life

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It ‘s hard to wrap one head around the fact that two teenagers both 14-year-old have the capability and thought to process, plan and A prisoner in the jail.execute the double murder.

But, according to a media report, a boy and girl both 14-years old murder a 49-year old mother and her 13-year old daughter.  The brutality of the murders by these two teenagers has left the Lincolnshire, Spalding, community appalled.

They killed the 13-year old by stabbing her in the throat then smothered her.  Having committed the murders of two innocent people, these kids preceded to share a bath have sex while their victims lay death in their beds.

Unbelievable to think that children of that age could be so callous to stab someone ten times takes a kevel of depravity that is frightening in anyone, moreover teenagers at such a tender age.

The judge that sentenced them to life, with of minimum of 20 years before there can be any consideration for parole, stated that both of them were intelligent individuals, knew exactly, what they were doing, they were selfish and determined to carry out their crime.

From a parental point of view, I cannot begin to image what dark seated demon had possession over these two kids to make them into the monster they turned out to be.  In my opinion, they should never be, let out of prison; they forfeit the right to live amongst any civilized community.  Unfortunately, their ages do not deter me from believing that they must remain incarcerated for the rest of their natural life.

There can be no justification for allowing these two back into our society or our communities if, at that age, they displaced such inhumane behavior, they are, not going to improve their attitude with time, and that is my honest belief, and I am a mother.