UK Tourist Raped In Dubai, Faces Prison

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Where does the authority of Dubai get off threatening to send a victim to prison for being gang-raped.  Do they not know what the definition of rape means

Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Rape: Unlawful sexual activity, sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury, against the will of the person. 

According to a media report, a 25-year 0ld British tourist that was gang-raped in Dubai is under threat of prison, because having sex outside of marriage is banned in the United Emirates.

So, having been raped and going to the police the victim is treated like a criminal.  Therefore the authority is saying that a male in Dubai can rape a female, without fear of prosecution because it is the female that will be persecuted and sent to jail. – Disgusting, draconian and archaic.

Unbelievable, to think in this the 21st Century we still have countries treating women with such disrespect and as second class citizens.  I am furious and that is why I would never venture into those undemocratic countries.  In my opinion, tourists, especially female, irrespective of what other countries they are from should stay well clear of places like Dubai.  Do not put yourself in a position that you can be sexually assaulted and be labelled the criminal.