14 year old stabbed outside the Birmingham Mosque, in critical condition

Unbelievable, first a 53-year old Orthopaedic surgeon was, stabbed in the neck outside a Greater Manchester mosque and now a 14-year old boy, stabbed outside a Birmingham mosque.

What is happening in the UK communities, are we so scared of other and their religious beliefs that we are now attacking children who support the Islamic religion, ridiculous?

According to a media report, a 14-year old boy is fighting for his life after being stabbed outside a Manchester mosque and his in a critical condition, in hospital.

A 29-year old man has been, arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. The report further suggests, and I would agree, that this was a racially motivated attack against a child. Eyewitness states the young boy was being beaten by a man with a knife, hitting the 14-year old in the neck and head.

I cannot believe following the incident the police commented that they do not know the motivation for the attack. Are you seriously kidding me?  What would a 14-year old kid do to a 29-year-old that he would violently attack a child putting them in a critical condition?

It does not take Einstein to work out that the attack was, motivated by religion or racial hatred.