North Korea idle threats against Japan and the US

My Opinion

North Korea is threatening to reduce the US to ashes, is playing in a league where they are, completely outmatched. For all their bravado they know only too well the capability of the US.

A media report, suggest that North Korea response to sanctions imposed by the United Nations is that they will nuke Japan and, reduce the US to darkness and ashes.

The North Korean President spews ridiculous and stupid threats, has he prepares his nuclear test site for further launches.

At the moment the UN sanctions are working, hence the threats from North Korea. The problem that I am having is the fact that North Korea is playing a dangerous game with the US and in particular, its current president.

The US President for all is idiosyncrasies is not going to idly sit and allow North Korea to threaten his country and its citizens. The President has demonstrated he does not take kindly to be bullied or pushed into a corner. If he believes North Korea will make good on their threats, he will act first and ask questions later.

In my opinion, North Korea needs to put up and shut up; they must obey the UN rules if they want the sanctions to cease and prevent hardship to their citizen.