Chinese Airline Magazine Article Disgustingly Racist

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Who the hell does the Chinese Airline think they are? I am furious, and I am sure that many people from the Black, Indian, and Pakistani communities will be equally livid when they read the newspaper article.

London cityscape
London cityscape

The media reported that Chinese Airline Magazine featured an article which states the London is, generally a safe place, but tourist should avoid going into areas populated by Blacks, Indian, and Pakistani people.

I have no problem if an airline warns its passengers that they should take precaution when visiting any city.  Saying, that they should travel in pairs for their safety,  not go out alone at night.  But, to pick out communities and named them as if they are the only ones who commits a crime within the city is disgusting, revolting and downright racist.

Apparently, the article in the magazine offended a Chinese journalist that she tweeted the article to London Mayor.  Politicians are now calling for an apology from the Airline and the removal of the offensive material.

In my opinion, the bell has been rung and cannot be unrung.  Even if they apologized withdrew the article, the information in now in the public domain, and there are going to be individuals coming to London for their vacations that will no doubt avoid areas they believe have a large number of Blacks, Indian and Pakistani people.

Every major city in the world has its share of undesirables.  And it’s a good idea when one is visiting to take every precaution to keep themselves safe, we are not advocating or pretending that crimes do not occur in cities around the world, but the article as outlined in the Chines Airline Magazine makes me infuriated.