Five day old baby girl punched in the face

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Are you kidding me, what could make anyone punched a five-day-old baby girl in the face, it is not like the baby can offend anyone, they worried couple concerned about being good parentseat, sleep, cry and seeks comfort from their parents.

But according to a news report, a 63-year-old man is currently in police custody being questioned on suspicion of assault.  Apparently, the man punched the baby because he thought she was a doll, the parents were mortified and rightly so.

The incident, according to the media report happens in a Tesco supermarket in Manchester.  The family praises the staff for the way in which they manage the event saying it was incredible.

But back to Earth, even if one believes that the baby in a stroller was a doll, you are not given permission to assault it. It is none of your business if someone decides to walk around a supermarket with a supposed doll in a stroller.

In my opinion, that is a flimsy excuse, for assaulting a baby, leaving a, according to the news report, a massive fist mark oh her forehead.  Diabolical behaviour and a 63-year-old man should know better; these are actions one expects from unruly teenagers, not an adult.