MP Gaffe – Disability Protest Westminster Bridge

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The disability protest on Westminster Bridge will, of course, create disruption to the traffic, make many people late for work and cause a general Disabled person.chaos in that area of London, but that is exactly, what it sets out to do.

Peaceful, demonstration on issues that are causing concern in the country is not illegal.  The only way in which individuals or group can make their voices heard is by protest. Physically challenged people having felt that the cuts in benefits have caused some people to die, bear in mind that some of the protesters were wheelchair bound.

One of my biggest problem with politicians is that in, so many cases their mouth and brain do not seem to work in sync.  Conservative politician to make a comment, according to a media report, that a bunch of charmers has decided to disrupt Londoners by sitting down on Westminster Bridge, disgusting and condescending.

We would expect that politicians would be asking why did these people have to take such drastic actions to get their points across? Instead of belittling the problem they were trying to highlight.

It would appear, in my opinion, that some politicians do not understand how social media works, even if the offensive tweet, was deleted, the information came into the public domain and will always be remembered.

I believe they should organise training sections for politicians to teach them when to speak and when to keep their mouth shut, how to make comments that do not offend the public, and when to use social media to put across certain points.