Conservative Council Candidate suspended over offensive comments

According to a media article, a 23-year old Conservative Council candidate has been, suspended when offensive comments he made in 2013, on his Twitter page resurface.

If you are someone who wants to become a politician, one assumes that it is because you feel the need to serve the public. Therefore, making comments like ‘sweating like a Jews in an attic’, ‘People with Aids have weaponised semen’ and calling a 12-year old girl a ‘dirty little slag’, is indeed not what we require from potential politicians.

Idiotic people should stop using social media in a harmful and counterproductive way. We have seen too many time that their negative attributes come back time after time to bite the individual in the rear.

Unbelievable, that after writing such nonsense on your Twitter page you dare to put yourself forward as a candidate for local government, which some politician use as a ladder to get into central government.

He must be day-dreaming to think that his past wrong actions would not come to light and I certainly do not want individuals like that making decision that governs my life. Be warned leaving irresponsible digital information you do so at your peril.

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