US President Donald Trump to visit the UK on Friday 13 July

My Opinion

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Well, at last, it would appear that the US President will be visiting the United Kingdom, according to media report the visit is, scheduled for Friday 13 July.

Despite the threat of a UK mass demonstration that his visit will no doubt trigger, he his still apparently coming. The vast majority of British people, in my opinion, has no respect for the US President and that is due to extreme and counterproductive attitudes regarding guns, race, religion and bigotry.

However, we live in a democracy and irrespective of how we view Donald Trump the UK Prime Minister is within her right to invite him to Britain, considering the last two or three US President visited the UK and were, welcomed by the people. To leave out the current President is not democratic.

Of course, as a citizen, we detest the man because he has no idea what the office of the US President stands for on the world stage. His offensive attributes offend most nations, and he doesn’t understand the low level in which he his viewed around the world.

I believe, however, it is essential that he visit the UK, which is a change from the stance I previously held, maybe when he witness the demonstration against his visit it will give him some perspective on the way in which he his perceived and not accepted by so many people.