Conservative Deals to Stay in Power is Counterproductive

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We are all aware that there are some people who once they get a taste of power they find it difficult to relinquish, and they are never Government conceptconcerned with what their power hungry attitude does to the vast majority of people.

Unfortunately, Theresa May gamble with the electorate and they showed her that the power is in the hands of the people not her and her party and they will only allow her to go so far in determining their lives. According to the media, Mrs May could be seeking the help of the Liberal Democrats to prop up her government and give her the ability to govern the country and in particular with Brexit.

Mrs May, the dye is cast your party has lost its majority the electorate now wants you and your party to stop trying at all cost to ruin our lives further, you asked for a mandate and we gave you, really nothing.  It is the time that you be the bigger person and recognises that hanging on to power at all cost in not in the best interest of the country and its people and for crying our loud just resign.

If we have to face another election, then so be it but this patchwork quilt that you are calling a government is an embarrassment to you the country and in particular, the way in which the world currently view the UK, we are a laughing stock and you are perpetuating this stupid situation.

The United Kingdom electoral systems are first past the post, we do not have proportional representation and what you are trying to do to hold on to the slimmest of power is, in fact, enabling proportional representation through the back door.  If memory serves me right we rejected that system, so why would you want to prop up your government using these other parties, that their policies and your government are not even the same.

It is disgraceful, diabolic, unethical and downright disgusting to want to run a country under these circumstances.  I cannot believe it is the United Kingdom suddenly I feel like I am in a ‘Third Word’ country.  I am ashamed to be called British and your party and you are the cause.  Step down with grace and let the country once again decide who they really want to govern.