Conservative Government Welfare Cuts – Nothing New

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I cannot understand why anyone is so surprised at the latest Conservative government welfare cuts that will cause the poorest of our society to go further into poverty and hardship.  

Traditionally, the Conservative government is known for the callous manner in which they treat the majority of low-income families, they always take away from the destitute in order that they can line the pockets of those who are already wealthy.

Why would the British electorate believe for one moment that when they voted for a Conservative government to rule their lives for 5 years that they were going to get a government that is impartial and fair.  The only time the Conservative government bothers about the electorate is when they are close to having a general election then they start to bribe the electorate.

The British electorate has a very short memory and they cause themselves to always be in problems because of their own stupidity, for example, according to media reports, tax credit two-child limit £1.2billion per year by 2020 will affect 515,00 families.  The poor families element design to help the poorest of families cuts of £540 million per year affecting over 970,000 people, the disability cuts of £350 million will affect 500,000 people with long-term disability and the £105 million housing benefit cuts against 18 – 21 years old will put more young people on the streets with no roof over their heads.

There are already, currently in place £3.5billion a year freeze on benefits causing untold suffering for the majority of people and it will only get worse.  However, the British people cannot complain against the suffering that they are experiencing under this callous government because they are the ones who put them in the place where they have the ability to destroy lives.

It is no secret that the Conservative government and their capitalist attitude destroy lives, they are not a party that is fair and distribute wealth equally among its people, so why would anyone want this bunch of selfish, self-centered, idiotic and spoiled bunch of individual to represent them I cannot begin to comprehend.

To realise the devastations these cuts will be the majority of people here is the link which details how devastating these cuts will be.