Russia Court Bid To Outlaw Jehovah’s Witness

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Jehovah’s Witness is a worldwide organisation with over 8.13 million people. There is some 175,00 Jehovah’s witness in Russia and their headquarters is based in St Petersburg.

According to a media report the Russian Government launched a supreme court bid to have the organisation banned, the government declares Jehovah’s witness as an extremist group

I am not saying that Jehovah’s Witness doesn’t have their fair share of fanatics, but there is no way that one could call them extremist or suggest that the pamphlets that they are issuing to the public are inciting hatred against other groups. Unless the pamphlets that they are circulating in Russia is different from the one that they are distributing in the UK, I cannot find anything in their leaflet that suggests they are inciting hatred.

It still amazes me that there are individuals that are part of government that believes they have the right to curtail the religious beliefs of thousands of law-abiding people.

If Russia succeeds in this high court bid to ban Jehovah’s Witness how long before they are going to go after other Christian groups.  We know from experience that there are those in the Islamic faith that take fanatical behaviour to terrorist levels, I do not see Russia going to the Supreme Court to ban that group.

The double standard of the so-called leaders in that country is ridiculous, they do not want to be a part of UN sanction against a regime that uses chemical weapons against men women and children, but they want to ban a Christian group from spreading the gospel.

The Russian are well aware of Assad’s diabolical behaviour, using every dirty trick to hold on to power murdering children, yet the Russian do not condemn is behaviour, of course not, they want to destroy a religion that is doing nothing wrong.