Conservative MP apologise for suggesting unemployed people should get sterilised

My Opinion

Being a politician should be about catering for the well-being of the electorate, irrespective of who they are.

So when a politician believes they have the right to cast aspersions on a selected sections of our society, it is easy to see why the public or sceptical about political figures.

According to a media article a 28-year old Conservative MP who is recently appointed vice-chairman for youth, allegedly suggest that people on welfare should stop having children, if they cannot afford them and that vasectomies are free.

I do not believe a representative of the people should be using such language about anyone and against the unemployed is downright disgraceful, and demonstrate that certain individuals should never become politicians.

In my opinion, the vast number of people that are unemployed in the UK want and need to find jobs. They do not want to be living off the welfare system, but they have no choice.

There is no dignity in collecting unemployment benefit, no pride in having bureaucratic people digging in your life just so they can pay the pittance they give people to live on for two weeks, no self-respecting individual want that kind of living standard.

So the idea that those out of jobs love to collect unemployment benefit is a figment of idiotic politicians imagination.