Homeless veteran dies on the streets in the UK

The government called our young men and women to take up arms to protect our liberty and way of life both at home and abroad.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the government to put in place a support network for ex-soldier, who once they leave the arm forces, do not have to struggle to adapt to civilian life.

According to a media report, a 47-year old former soldier died on the street. Apparently, he was a familiar face around Edinburgh, Scotland. He was rushed to a hospital and died later that day.

I can understand the Scottish people’s anger that this individual fought for this country and to end up on the street and died like that is disgraceful for any nation to treats its veteran in this way.

Homelessness is a significant problem in the UK, and there is hardly any city that is not having to cope with the sheer number of people sleeping on the streets.

It should be a priority for this government, instead of forking out billions to leave the European Union, they should be spending the money to build low-cost housing to start getting people off the streets and into homes.

I cannot understand the mentality of politicians. Why would any government waste billions on leaving the EU, when the NHS is crumbling under the weight of the people that need treatment.

A record number of people homeless and those in temporary accommodation, and they believe that wasting billions leaving the EU is cost-effective, they are a load of jackasses, who could not organise a party in a brewery.