Parents sexually assaulted 12 year old daughter for three months

sexual assault

There are times when you read an article in the media, and it is so nauseating it makes you sick to the stomach, this article is such a case.

I was under the impression that as parents we are supposed to protect her children with our lives, if necessary. So when parents abuse their power over a minor in a sexual manner, it makes one wonder if there nothing that human beings are not capable of doing.

Two 35-year old parents, according to a media report, systematically rape their 12-year old daughter. When they were, caught, they told the police ‘better us than some maniac’. Do they not realise that they are worse than any maniac that would have attacked the child?

In my opinion, both should go to prison for the rest of their natural life. They should never be allowed near any innocent children; these two are monsters of the worse kind.

The inhumane and abhorrent way in which they treat their daughter if they were not caught one can only imagine what they would have put a child through that were not related to them.