Conservative Tax Credit ‘Rape Clause’ Versus Lazy Peers

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It is plain, clear and obvious that the Conservative government will never be a party for the people, they will continue to be a party that supports the lifestyle of the already haves at the expense of the have-nots.

Starting today tax credit is limited to the first two children and in order to receive tax credit for a third child a woman would have to meet the exemption clause of the tax reform criteria, which states that in order for her to receive tax credit for a third child she would have to prove that she was raped.

So first, after experiencing the ordeal of an intrusive violation of one’s body, should one become pregnant and decide to carry the child, in order to receive the tax credit for that child a woman would have to re-live the worse experience of her life according to Theresa May and her government.  This is the kind of inhuman attitude of the Conservative government that the electorate in the UK seems to be ignoring.

On the other hand and according to a media report millionaire Peers are supposedly using the House of Lords perks to claim up to £40,000 per year without even having to contribute with questions, debates are committees’ activities.  Apparently, just turning up to the House of Lords enables the Peers to claim this ridiculous amount of money and a woman that has been raped and have a child in order to claim £2,780 per year have to go through the humiliation of proving she did not give consent to have sex that produces a child.

Unbelievable, that any normal well-balanced person could support the likes of Theresa May and this deplorable Conservative government.

Democracy is such a remarkable thing and because of that, we tend to impose upon ourselves leaders with no morals, dignity or integrity until we find it is too late and we have five years of torture before we can remedy the situation.  However until we understand the true meaning of democracy, unfortunately, the electorate will continue to elect individuals with poor leadership skills, warp moral compass and those that do not have the best interest of the electorate. 

I am furious at this inequality that this government has bestowed upon one of the vulnerable group of our society.  I am, however, thankful that there are a number of like-minded people who see this attack on women as disgusting hence the setting up of the campaign group ‘scrap the rape clause’ which apparently have so far received over 10,000 signatures.