Victims Of Honour Killings And Arranged Marriages

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As a society, we tend to frown on any activities that are committed by certain communities, which we cannot come to terms with or understand the so-called logic behind why these communities would undertake such behaviour.

For example, arranged marriages, western society cannot and will not accept the concept of arranging marriages and neither did I until I spoke with an Asian family, I was given the reasons behind why they favour arrange marriages rather than allow their family members to choose their partners for themselves.  Irrespective, of the fact that the idea may be a good one some individuals have taken this to such a level that they are willing to murder family members that do not conform to this archaic systems.

What I find deplorable is ‘honour killings’ where is the honour in killing a family member because that individual supposedly brought shame on the family.  ‘Thou shall not kill’ is part and parcel of every religious belief so the individuals that are killing their family member are not only breaking human laws but the Almighty laws as well.

According to a media report young female as young as six years old are among honour killings, now what shame could a 6 year brought on a family that would cause her to be subject to murdered.

There is no doubt that arranged marriages have been a part of certain communities for a long time, however, the children of those immigrants that are born in society like the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, in fact, most modern societies are rebelling against the family archaic ideologies and they are paying the price with their life.

How could a mother stood by and allow her daughter to be brutalised, and murder because of a draconian out-dated culture is beyond my comprehension?  My children are my life and there is no way that I would allow any culture to dictate how I love or protect them.

It is unbelievable that in this the 21st Century honour killings have soared to more than 40% within the last five years, one would think the trend is reducing not escalating.

The question now is how long are we going to allow these individuals to continue to commit these heinous criminal acts within our society and what will the government do to protect the children born in the UK from these idiotic parents?