Donald Trump Want to Ride In the Queen’s Golden Carriage

My Opinion

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Who tell Donald Trump that the Queen’s golden carriage is a vehicle that befits the likes of him, that carriage is a symbol of British decency, integrity and honesty and should not be used for an individual that do not possess those qualities.

How much louder can the citizens of the United Kingdom tell the man that we do not wish you to visit our country we want nothing to do with the likes of you and because the Conservative party and its leader extend an invitation to you to visit the UK does not mean the British people want you over here.

A person with dignity would look at all the press reports and recognise that they are not welcome by the people and have the ability to say if they do not want me over there then I will politely decline the invitation to visit.  

He will never get the kind of positive reception that was given to Barrack Obama and most likely is visit to the UK will spark countless demonstration by the electorate and we will spend millions to protect this idiot, millions that we could use to reduce unemployment, poverty, homelessness and other social activities that we need in the UK.  To have to spend, according to media report £7.5 million pounds to accommodate this fool, grieves me.

I do not care what people’s political persuasions are, what I care about is dignity, integrity and honesty and whether the individual is someone living on the streets or the President of the United States there should be no questions about their decency or integrity and I have a big issue with Trump’s integrity and would prefer if he stays in the United States and not visit the United Kingdom.

It is always been said that both countries have a so-called special relationship and therefore, it is important that we treat each other’s political head with the greatest of respect, but if that means that a visit from the US President will cause chaos in the UK then what sense does that make?

I can only pray that Donald Trump come to his senses, if indeed he has any, and decline the invitation to visit the UK, at the moment we cannot cope with any upheaval in our country and him coming here is one of the greatest upheavals we will have to deal with.

This is the story that makes me so angry –