Couple tied up friend beat her and left her to die

evil skeleton

I do not believe that some people understand the meaning of friendship, and that is a testament to the vile evil world we occupy.

“Greater love hath no man than this that a man laid down his life for his friend” John 15 verse 13. The Bible sanctifies the bond of friendship and, whether one believes in the Bible or not, a friend is a precious thing to have.

According to a media article, a 28-year old man and his 20-year old partner tied up and bound their female friend with duct tape and beat her to death. They inflict 69 separate injuries to her face and head. The mother of four had ammonia sprayed into her eyes before she was left to die.

It is unfortunate when a family member, is murdered by a stranger, but to have to live with the knowledge that so-called friends killed your child must be extremely difficult. Four children are without a mother because she trusted what was supposed to be her friends.

If ever there is a case for a life sentence this is one. No other prison term is acceptable for these two inhumane individuals.

Apparently, the 28-year old man parents were, convicted of perverting the course of justice. It led me to believe that the parents or equally as deplorable as their son. Under no circumstances would I protect or lie for my children if they commit such a heinous crime against another human being.

In my opinion, the parents deserve to be sent to prison for 20-years, for whatever part they play in perverting the course of justice, that’s me being generous. The family is a danger to society.