Creepy, Ridiculous Clown Craze Hits The UK

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photodune-1746468-clown-xsWhat is it that causes individuals in the United Kingdom always to want to follow any craze that is happening in the United States?

It was reported in the media recently, that persons were dressing up as clowns and jumping out scaring people, in particular children.  No sooner was this said to be happening in the US, low and behold individuals in the UK decided to follow the craze.

Individuals across the UK are reporting sightings of people dressed as clowns frightening children. Apparently, one incident happened in County Durham where an idiot carrying a knife jumped out on some 11 and 12 years old and followed them to school, ridiculous.

Police arrested a UK motorist wearing a clown mask and seen brandishing a fake gun.  Another idiot dressed in a killer clown outfit was, also arrested after he caused panic at Brunel University which his chainsaw clown prank.

Now the Russian authority is warning its citizens to be on the alert for these idiotic clown pranksters.

These types of pranks have a way of developing into something far-reaching, what if a clown prankster jumped out on an individual with a weak heart and scared him to death what then.

Don’t these stupid, idiotic twits realise that this craze can be dangerous to the public and especially to children?  What is wrong with society when individuals believe this fad is acceptable to the public.

I hope the authorities both in the US and the UK stamp hard on this ridiculous craze before it cause the life of an innocent person.