Women Having Children In Their Fifties – Ridiculous

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Frankly, I do not care if you are a billionaire, multi-millionaire are just wealthy, having a child at the age of fifty or over is downright Pregnant womanridiculous.

Parents have an obligation to their children, and one of those obligations is to ensure that they are capable of taking care of them, not just monetary but physically.  I do not believe having children that late in your life is affording the children the ability to be able to care for them adequately.  

It is already stressful to bear children when you are in your teens are in your twenties, so having them in your fifties, his an added burden and poses many health issues.  Considering that if you are that old when the child is born you will be 68 by the time that child reaches the age of majority, which the law state is eighteen.

I am livid, because of the news article that says that Janet Jackson is expecting her first child at the age of fifty. What I cannot understand, if you want children why could you not take time out of your so-called career to have them in your twenties or even thirties, why would one wait until they are so old to begin the process.

How do you think that child is going to cope when you take them to kindergarten and you are mistaken for their grandparents rather than their mother.

Do not get me wrong; I do believe that motherhood is a remarkable think and speaking as a mother of four, my children gave me the most incredible joy there is, but by the time I was twenty-nine I had all four of my kids.  I had the ability to interact with them on so many levels, and there is no way that a fifty-year-old is going to convince me that they can give their children the say interaction.

Having children in your fifties is a very selfish, self-centered and self-absorbed attitude that one can have.  It is not about the child; it is about the parents who believe they have the right to impose upon a child their ridiculous selfishness.