Cyclist Have A Responsibility For Their Safety

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photodune-4448861-cyclist-riding-a-road-bike-xsAccording to a media report, a female cyclist is fighting for her life after being hit by a motor car.

It might sound callous, but I am finding it tough to sympathize with this cyclist and before anyone believe that I am, heartless let me explain the circumstances surrounding the way I feel.

I am a motorist, and I drive on the roads nearly every day. In my opinion, I am an excellent driver, and therefore, it annoys me when a cyclist on the roads behave in the manner they do and because of their attitude on the roads it does not take Einstien to tell you that they are going to get into accidents which can take their lives.

Firstly, the majority of cyclist do not stop at the traffic lights when it turns red.  They ignore pelican or pedestrian crossing, the number of times I have seen a motorist stop to allow a pedestrian to cross and a cyclist will just ignore them and continue to ride across why someone is crossing at a designated crossing area.

Cyclist behaviour on the roads frustrates many motorists, and there are times when a motorist having the right of way will honk their horns to let the cyclist know that what he or she is doing is wrong and they would turn and give the motorist the finger or swear.

Everyone is entitled to use the highways; therefore, rules and regulations as to how we use our roads applies.  Traffic lights are there to allow an equal flow of traffic.  So when a cyclist decide that they are going to ignore traffic lights, they are putting their lives at risk and that of a motorist. 

A cyclist needs to understand that they are not the only one using the roads and therefore to prevent this cycling accident and fatalities they have to obey the rules of the road, be vigilant and above all use their common sense.