Cyclist sentence to 18 months for killing mother of two

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According to a media report, a former courier that knocked over and killed a mother of two has been, jailed for 18 months.

The article suggests that the cyclist was travelling at18 mph on a fixed wheel track bicycle which had no front brakes he crashed into the 44-year old mother of two as she crosses the street.

He was, tried at the Old Bailey cleared of manslaughter, found guilty of causing bodily harm by wanton and furious driving. During his sentencing the judge comments that is was, is so-called thrill-seeking that motivated him to ride without front brakes, shouting and swearing for pedestrians to get out his way.

The judge further believes the young man was obstinate, sure of himself and is abilities. In my opinion that may be the reasons he before so severely on that fatal day.

Nothing is going to bring back the mother of two, and as a motorist, I have seen first hand how these cyclists behave on the streets, and their attitude either ends up with them killing themselves or other.

I hope this custodial sentence will cause the cyclist to think twice about their behaviour on the roads.