Racist killings White men arrested

racist racism

According to a media report, a 33-year old White man has been, arrested over the random killings of two ‘Black men’.

The White man was held on drugs charges but was given a $3,000 bail on Sunday.

It would appear from the article that two black men, one 59-year old the other 49-year old were ambushed and shot to death. One of the victims a homeless man, the other was walking to his job when he was, murdered. He left behind three children who should not have their father taken away from them because of racism.

I agree with the comment that guns don’t kill people, people kill people, but when idiotic racist and bigots can freely get their hands on weapons, these are the consequences.

These two innocent men were not criminals they died because of the colour of their skin. Two families left distraught and in mourning because a racist decides to play judge and executioner and our community is furious at this senseless taking of ‘Black lives’