Data breach at Currys PC World and Dixons Carphone

According to a media article, data compromise occurs at a processing centre of Currys PC World and Dixons.

It is, estimated that an attempt was, made that could compromise 5.8 million cards. There is an ongoing investigation, and the indications from the companies are that over 5.7 million of the cards have chip and pin protection, and there were no indications that the pin codes and CVV numbers were accessed.

However, they found that 1.2 million records that contained names, addresses and email details have been, accessed. They are assuring customers that they did not find any evidence that suggests the information left their systems.

In my opinion, computer security systems are, created by human beings. Hackers are human beings; it is a pipe-dream to believe that the information that we give to companies are 100% safe. The more sophisticated companies computer systems get, the more determine those who hack systems become. The best we can hope for is that the hack is detected quickly and shut down before they can do too much damage.

So long as those who commit cyber-crime believes they can use their computer to steal millions of be it pounds, dollars, euro, or whatever currency they deemed is wanted, they are prepared to do so, and there is no concern to the people they are causing distress.

Unfortunately, we exist in a money-driven world where neither integrity or dignity comes into play, and those who are hell-bent on making money without working for it are going to find ways and means to take it away from those who have worked hard to save their money.