90 year old Senior Citizen attacked in her bedroom

The low-life that attacked and injures a 90-year old senior citizen should be ashamed of himself.

What is this world coming to and where are we going? The thought that there is callous, poor excuse for human beings in our society, that can invade the home of a 90-year old and leave her with the kind of injuries reported in the media is disgusting.

According to a media article, the 90-year old woke to find the intruder standing over her. He struck her multiple times in the face and left her bedroom in disarray as if he was searching for something.

How could any sane, decent and humane person did such appalling damage to a defenceless woman, and in the sanctity of her bedroom? It is evil enough when senior citizens are, attacked on the streets but even more heinous when their homes are, invaded, a place that the should offer safety.

I hope this individual is, caught and punished to the full extent of the law. The police need, to find him quickly. Otherwise, the next senior citizen home he invades, may not be so lucky and could lose their life. He demonstrates, by his, callousness he has no respect for age or vulnerable individuals.

In my opinion, there is someone out there that knows who the vile person is and, they should contact their local police with the information before this idiot kills a senior citizen.

Read more hereĀ https://metro.co.uk/2018/06/08/brave-90-year-old-iris-warner-reveals-injuries-violent-attack-home-7614697/