Life for two 18 year old who murder youth worker


The type of sentence that the public needs to see doled out to thugs who think it is acceptable to murder others for their property.

A newspaper article states that two 18-year old who murdered a youth worker because he refused to give up the pin code to his iPhone has been, jailed for life.

It has been established, as the report suggested, that the two teenagers toured the streets on a moped, armed with knives scouting for potential victims to rob. Five people were, stabbed during their four-hour crime spree, including the 28-year-old engaged youth worker, he died yards away from his home.

There was a suggestion in the article that the men smoked a significant amount of cannabis before they embarked on their counterproductive behaviour. For me that suggestion is not relevant; there can be no justification for these two thugs taking the life of another human being because they believe his property should be theirs whether they were on drugs or not.

In my opinion, life should mean just that and, the recommendation that one them should serve at least 27 years, the other 22 does not sit well with me. These two should stay in prison until they are deceased, never should they be given the opportunity to be let back into our community. They forfeit that right when they decide to take the life of an innocent person because of their selfishness and greed.