Democrat candidate trounced Republican for US Senate seat


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The world sighs a bit of relief, as the Democratic candidate beat the Republican for the US Senate seat.

US electorate decided that they, in my opinion, has to balance America’s political arena, if they hope for peace and stability in their country. They magnificently use the ballot box to make that decision and, that is how democracy should work.

Taking nothing away from the Democrat candidates campaign strategy, but this is Alabama, deep south, with warp ideologies and a firm belief in conservative politics. So, for a Democrat to win this US Senate seat is a demonstration of the people’s power to change what they perceived as sleaze and past conduct catching up on those who think they are above the law, God and Alabama citizens.

In my opinion, this is a poke in the eye for the US President. I hope he will use his party defeat to recognise that the American people are fed up with his lacklustre leadership, stupidity and his ability to make the United States the laughing stock of the world.

Let us offer our congrats to the Democratic winner, hope he uses the chance and trusts the Alabama people puts in him, and become a great Senator to all the residence of that remarkable state.