The Island of Bermuda set to ban same-sex marriage

It has been, reported in the media that the Island of Bermuda is on the verge of banning same-sex marriage, seven months after it was made legal.

The Island Supreme Court ruled May 2017, to make same-sex marriage legal, against some opposition. Bermuda is a socially conservative island.

Apparently, under the new legislation, Domestic Partnership act, Senate vote eight to three for and the House of Assembly approved 24 to 10. Same-sex couples will be allowed domestic partnership.

Opponents of the bill say it is discriminatory because same-sex couples would only have the partnership, while opposite-sex couples could choose between a marriage or domestic partnership.

In my opinion, the Caribbean Island is not keen on same-sex marriage, because of their Christian background. Although several countries or accepting this way of life as the standard, however, there are still going to be many other countries that will not legalise same-sex marriage.

Is it discriminatory, it is up to the individual viewpoint on the subject.