Demonstrators outside the US Embassy, in London

A small group of anti-Trump protesters gathered outside the US Embassy, in London in a bid to halt Donald Trump’s visit to the Capital.

The media reports that the demonstrators were holding banners which read ‘Dump Trump’ and no to racism. They were also chanting Donald Trump stay away, racist, sexist and anti-gay.

In all my years, I could be wrong, but I have never known of another US President that the British people resented so much so that they are looking forward to demonstrating in their tens of thousands if Donald Trump set foot in the United Kingdom.

Far-right groups, in my opinion, are the scourge of the earth, they are despicable, fascist, racist and bigotted uneducated people. Their ill-formed behaviour threatens the fabric of a tolerance society. To have the US president openly endorsing far-right ideology is dangerous and shows the President position on racism and bigotry.

We do believe the President stand on the far-right group should make him persona non grata. History thought us that when we sit back and do nothing if oppression raises its ugly head, there is a high human cost six million Jews paid the price for that lesson.

If the US President has an ounce of dignity, he will politely decline the Conservative invitation. If he does not, the welcome he will receive from the British people will make it into the history books.