Serial sex attacker hunted by the police

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sexual assault

Police are hunting a serial sex attacker that has struck at least 25 times in South London.

According to a media report, the sex predator is, wanted for offences he carried out across five London boroughs, including a sexual attack on a 15-year old schoolgirl.

Media sources suggest the police are looking for a middle-aged White man in his 40s, with blue eyes. They have released CCTV footage in the bid to identify this individual; the police say it is vital this individual is, taken off the streets.

There can be no doubt, in my opinion, that women in the London boroughs of Bromley, Bexley, Lewisham Southwark an Greenwich are concerned and those he attack must be traumatised and scared that he his still wandering about in the communities.

The police have stated that his attacks take place during rush hour either morning or afternoon, but not on weekends. I have included a link to the original story in the hope that the CCTV image jog someone mind and they can help the police identify this monster.