Security guard told Muslim woman to remove hijab

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According to a media report, McDonald’s has apologised to a Muslim woman who was asked to remove her hijab by a security guard.

Apparently, the young woman filmed the employee telling her to remove her headscarf. She refused, and rightly so, explaining her attire are, worn for a religious reason.

The Muslim woman was, not pleased with the way in which she was, treated, commented that in her 19 years living in the UK, she was, never ask to remove her hijab, at that time she was, accused of being rude.

I would be distraught if I were asked to remove clothing that I wore in support of my religious beliefs. Furthermore, I would like to know why a security guard would believe it is appropriate or acceptable to ask a Muslim woman to remove her hijab.

Several countries ban the wearing of the hijab, such as France, Belgium and Cameroon. The last time I look, we have no such ban in the UK, and therefore his request was disrespectful, unnecessary and downright rude.

On the other hand, where would this security guard get the notion that he could ask her to remove the hijab? Given the fact that McDonald’s state they have no policy that restricts or prevent the wearing of a religious dress or the nijab.

In my opinion, something just does not seem right, and I cannot understand whether the security guard took this action by himself or there is another explanation.