Divorce is never a good thing, but why does it has to turn nasty

According to a media report, a singer and her estranged husband are currently going through divorce proceedings, which has turned nasty.

They, in my opinion, are trying to score against each other in that the husband claimed the wife battled cocaine and alcohol addiction during the marriage which was a major issue and prevented her adequately caring for her children.

The bitter public divorce has the wife alleges that the husband tormented, physically and mentally abuse her for years.

I am disgusted when individuals that are public figures behave so disgraceful. Bearing in mind there are three children, different fathers, ages eighteen, ten and 5, who will hear, know or read about their parent’s despicable conduct.

These individuals need a reality check, the first thing any parent should do is protect their children especially when you are a public figure, your actions are more scrutinised and those children did not ask to be placed in between the idiotic behaviour of their parents.

It is important that individuals behave in a manner that befits parenthood, their marriage may be over, however, they can end it in an amicable and dignified way.