Religious Beliefs Taken Way Too Far

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A local pastor that, according to a media report, starved and beat children with her belt, escaped being sent to prison. She was, given 16 month’s jail, suspended for 18.

She would blindfold her victims before beating them and forcing the children to fast for days.

The abuse came to light when she was spotted, beating the children. She admitted five charges of child cruelty.

These unnecessary incidents are why some people have a problem accepting or believing in religion. Religious beliefs should not be used to inflict cruelty on anyone, especially children.

We ought to be using religions to teach morals, love, brotherhood, peace, acceptance, and forgiveness to our young people.

The Justice system has been lenient with her giving her 150 hours of community service, and she must attend a 25-day rehabilitation course.

I hope, attending the rehabilitation course, she will gain an insight into what constitutes an active pastor, and be able to play a useful role in the church once again.