North Korea and their bully boy tactics

My Opinion

North Korea is setting a dangerous precedent regarding the testing of ballistic missiles, mocking the world and ignoring United Nation sanctions.

The US according to a media report is to sell weapons worth billions to South Korea, because of the threat that North Korea poses to them. There is even, discussion to revise the treaty which places a cap on South Korea development of ballistic missiles.

There are no doubts, in my opinion, that North Korea is taunting South Korea and the rest of the world especially, the US. We must recognise how dangerous this North Korea behaviour is.

It was only a few days ago that North Korea fires a missile into the sea of Japan, which prompted the Japanese government to issue a warning to its citizen residing in the areas, to take precautions.

If we do not deal effectively and collectively with North Korea we may be looking at world war 3 and that must be prevented at all cost.

Personally, I believe in the right of a country to defend itself. What I do not believe in is cowboy president that think they should hold the world at ransom with threats, and in my opinion, that is what North Korea believes it has the capability to do.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that North Korea for all their bravado cannot effectively take on the might of the US, UK, France, Germany or even China, but we do not want to go down that route, it will lead to destruction and the loss of many innocent lives.

In my opinion, North Korea should refrain from pushing the US President too far, he does not react well if pushed in a corner and that is something that North Korea should bear in mind.