Donald Trump feels unwelcome in London – No surprise

Donald Trump was suggesting that he feels unwelcome in London, according to a media article, is the understatement of the century.

What a load of bull, Trump and his advisors were fully aware that UK citizens did not want or would be extending any welcome to him. We were never going to accept his visit. He his a racist, a poor excuse for a President and under no circumstances would we take his visit as nothing more than a conservative PR propaganda.

The proposed Trump baby blimp schedule to fly over Westminster the thousands of people estimated to take to the streets to protest his visit, all of which he knew about long before he came to the UK should have given him a hint that we do not want him on British soil.

What part of 77% of UK people does not like him that he fails to understand? The £8million to £10million in policing and security to protect him could have gone to recruiting more nurses for the NHS and put more police officers on our streets. It should not have been, wasted on someone who is not welcome by the British people.

Of course, there was always a special relationship between the US and UK, and ever since that idiotic man became President, he has done everything, in my opinion, to destroy that relationship and our stupid Prime Minister is oblivious.

The Mayor of London has every right to agrees to the flying of the Trump baby blimp over Westminster. We are a democracy and citizens have a right to peaceful protest. I agree with the Mayor when he states ‘that we should never limit freedom of speech because it might hurt someone feelings’.