The scales of the protest should tell you our feelings Mr. Trump

According to media reports including the photos, it shows the mass protest against Trump visit; this must tell him how we feel.

The protesters were so densely packed the crowds filling Oxford street before the rally at Trafalgar Square. It was, estimated that over 100,000 protesters cram the streets of the Capital.

Donald Trump’s first mistake in the UK is voicing his idiotic opinion about Brexit and, his innuendo that Boris Johnson would make a good Prime Minister. These are circumstances that have nothing to do with his visit and, a President with dignity and decorum would never get involved in the politics of a country he is visiting.

He should spend more time concentrating on the number of Americans that are systematically being slaughtered by guns especially, in education institutions. It is unbelievable that he has such disregard for the head of the host country.

Irrespective of the fact that I have no time for Theresa May. He disrespected her very badly and once again demonstrate his ignorance when it comes to international decorum.

In my opinion, the only good that has come out of Trump’s visit to the UK is the fact that he his left in no doubt how the citizens of the UK feel about him. He should be under no illusions we do not respect him and cannot wait for him to go back to America. Unfortunately, US citizens and residents have to tolerate him for another two years; we do not.