Paedophile ring forced 14 year old into prostitution

According to a media article, a ‘White’ Paedophile ring held a 14-year old hostage and forced her into prostitution.

Three men between the ages of 20 and 21 exploited the girl who had a drug dependency problem. They took photographs of her and posted it on an adult website and forced her into having sex with over 19 men.

They were all found guilty at Warwick Crown Court, of sexual exploitation of a child. One of the perpetrators was also found guilty of taking and distribution of indecent images of a child. The article also states that all three have been, remanded into custody pending their sentence which, they were, warned will be lengthy.

I cannot begin to understand what level of human depravity a person as to sink to for them to believe in exploiting anyone especially a child could ever be, seen as the norm. We, human beings are supposed to have a moral compass which determines what is right or wrong. However, it would appear that some people are born without a moral guideline.

In my opinion, the problems we have in the world with such things as murders, stabbings, child exploitation, paedophiles, attacking a senior citizen in their own homes, in fact, all anti-social behaviour, are undertaking by individuals or groups with no morality.

These individuals are selfish, self-absorbed, think only about themselves. 90% of the time money is at the heart of their vile behaviour and 10% or just born evil, wicked and vicious. Society has a lot to do to stop this evil 10% from wrecking our community and environment.

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