Toronto Chinese Restaurant ordered to pay ‘Black’ man $10,000

According to a media article, a Chinese restaurant in Toronto was ordered to pay $10,000 to a Black man as compensation for rights violation.

Apparently, the 31-year old was celebrating his birthday with friends at the favourite Chinese restaurant. He was asked by the server to prepay for their meal, which they did. However, upon investigation and questioning the other diners, they found out that they were the only customer asked to prepay.

This type of racial profiling is nothing new to the Black community we have been under these kinds of counterproductive scrutiny for many years. We are aware that being a Black person is an indication that you must be a criminal, especially if you are a young Black man.

An incident like this is the tip of the iceberg, and it does not only happen in Canada, but you will find a similar event in the UK, USA and other countries.

There is never going to be equality until people are, seen as human beings irrespective of the colour of their skin. There would be a significant outcry if a ‘White’ person visited a Black-owned restaurant and was refused service because he was, branded a paedophile.

The positive outcome of this particular case, will hopefully, make businesses think twice before demonstrating their racial bias.