Politicians Know Nothing About Life In The Real World

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About time someone demonstrates honesty and admit that MP’s do not know anything about life in the real world, and I am pleased that one insincere politician cartoonpolitician has the guts to say what many people have been thinking for a long time.

According to a media report, Paddy Ashdown former leader of the Liberal Democrat Party believes that voters are being let down by politicians with no life experience.  He thinks if politicians broaden their scope then they would have a better understanding of what goes on in society.

I agree with his assessment that too many politicians have never done anything but politics, so how can they truly understand the environment around them.  They cannot understand stress surrounding poverty, homelessness, unemployment and deprivation.

The vast majority of politicians are the product of university and grammar school they come from an affluent parent, never have to worry about where their next meal is coming from, being homeless, poor are unemployed.  

How could they ever comprehend the severity of ordinary people’s life?  It is rather compromising when politicians states they understand what the electorate need.  To truly know one has to live the life of the majority of people, and unfortunately, they will never do.

I am not suggesting that all politicians should live in poverty, or they should not have the education that their parent ensures they require.  Parent have an obligation to give their children the best start in life but the majority cannot do so, and it is condescending to voters when politicians think they could ever understand the plight of the masses.