Don’t Laugh – Boris Johnson Foreign Secretary

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Now, people, this is not a laughing matter, but the nation will not be able to control themselves laughing.

I could not help myself this morning breaking out into uncontrollable laughter at not just the fact that Boris Johnson is foreign secretary, but the Prime Minister new cabinet appointment.

Power is a really dangerous thing, and there is some individual that cannot manage it, and when they get a taste of power it goes to their head and makes them do a really stupid thing, and politicians are no exception to the rule.

I do not have any personal problem with Boris Johnson, but if I were choosing someone to represent the country, then I would have to be circumspect with the person that I wanted.

However, I have been saying since the leadership of the Conservative party and the nominations that individuals who are selected to represent a country and its people should be beyond reproach and their integrity unquestionable.

Today is the second day of Theresa May becoming Prime Minister and none of the actions that she has taken in the last forty-eight hour give me any reason to believe that she is competent to govern this country effectively.

According to media reports a few days ago the PM mocked Boris Johnson negotiating skills and the fact that she must be aware that further media information suggests that in, 2002 Boris Johnson wrote about black people as “flag-waving piccaninnies” and further described Hilary Clinton as “sadistic nurse in a mental hospital”.

How can Prime Minister that have any regard for the country and its citizen appoint an individual who has an apparent racist tendency and furthermore insult the person that could become the next United States President, unbelievable?

In my opinion, Theresa May has shown very early that she does not have the capability and common-sense to govern this country, and I believe that it will only get worse.  To make the UK the laughing stock of the world in one of the first tasks that she undertakes must be a first.

The problem with the politician they talk a load of rhetoric but the reality is never the same and in the end, it is the citizen of the country that bore the brunt of all the problems created by these people who the electorate decide to give governing powers.