Racism Is Very Much Alive So Wake up

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My rant for today is about racism and the fact that it is still alive and kicking.

Observing young people especially in the social environment, and the number of mixed couples one would assume that racism is on its way out of our society. To believe that one would be deluding themselves.

Many incidents demonstrate that racist behaviour is still happening to an individual on a daily basis.  For example, a young black female in San Antonio was subjected to racist screams from a White Texan Couple.  The barrage of insults hurled at this woman was unbelievable and to add insult to injury the White woman told the black one that her family owned the black people, and she should go back to Africa.

Another disturbing incident is the one where according to media report an NYPD officer was told by his superior to profile racially Black men, irrespective of the fact that all people commit crimes, he should ignore everyone and concentrate on young Blacks.

Although we know that racism is still rearing its ugly head in our environment, the good thing about it in today’s climate this generation will not be persecuted or sit back as our ancestors did.  After all, the President for one of the most powerful countries on the planet is Black.

Black people or not inferior, they are president, teacher, doctor, nurse, scientist, entrepreneurs and sons, and daughters.  We do not condone criminal activities in our communities, and every community has its share of crime.  The fact that Black crime is more publicise that that of any other race makes it appear that we have more of an inclination to commit a crime.

In most place around the world that one travels you will find white beggars, white homeless white criminals just as you will find blacks in the same situation.  It is downright repulsive to know that black people are treated with so much disrespect as if they offer no contribution to the world.