Oh No – Not Another Stabbing

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According to Media reports, another teenager 17-year-old was stabbed in Peckham, South London near the bus station.

Oh no, not again.  What is happening to the young people in society, why do they believe that a knife solves problems?  Recently a family mourns the loss of their son, who was chased and fatally stabbed.

I am appalled looking at the statistics over the last four years. According to statistical information from the media.

Year Teenage murdered Stabbing victim
2012, Eight teenagers Six
2013 Twelve teenagers Seven
2014 Eleven teenagers Seven
2015 Seventeen teenagers Fifteen


We should be livid that so many young people lost their lives due to a stabbing.  So far this year there has been some stabbing in which at least one young man dies.  Today another young person has been taken to the hospital because of a stabbing.

Knife crime is an epidemic in London, and the authority has to find means of preventing this undesirable criminal behaviour.  We cannot solely depend on the police service to curtail knife crimes.

How can we accept that there is roughly 1,000 knife crime in London each month?  What part of our society has broken down so much so that it is becoming a norm to arm oneself with a knife?

Parents have a role to play there must be means of checking that your children are not going out on the streets armed with knives and they do not eventually use them and become murders or victim.

How much more young people are going to die, and how much more is going to spend their teenage years in prison convicted of knife crimes before we do something effective about it.

In my opinion, of the flaws in the law is the fact that when young people commit knife crime if they are under eighteen years old they have their identity protected by the law.  I find that unacceptable if they are old enough to commit adult criminal acts then they should face the consequences as an adult.

I am a parent and grandmother, and God forbid any member of my family to decide to arm themselves with knives I would not wait for them to commit a crime if they refuse to listen to my instructions on not carrying a knife my next stop would be to inform the police.

Parents cannot continue to protect their children when they know that they are breaking the law.  We cannot allow the stress and strains of everyday living to prevent us from actually monitoring our children.

It is the time that parents, police, and the government take back control over young people who think carrying knives is cool.

Parents must be vigilant; police must target those they believe are carrying knives and the government must ensure that the punishment is severe for either the carrying of knives or using them.