Drugs ten times deadlier than heroin hit the streets of Britain

According to a media report, a deadly opioid which is apparently ten times more potent than heroin has hit the streets of Britain, with devastating effects.

Further information suggests that an investigation undertaken by the National Crime Agency this year revealed the drugs and its variants are responsible for the deaths of sixty people in the past eight months.

It would appear that the United States is also struggling with this opiate crisis and synthetic drugs have been, blamed for the deaths of 64,000 people.

The only reason that drug baron would cut heroin with fentanyl and carfentanyl is to make the drugs much more addictive. Ensuring their clients are hooked and keep coming back for more. While these drug pushers get rich, they are leaving a generation of people dying from drugs and destroying the lives of millions of people.

Drug lords are mixing drugs design to tranquillise elephants with other dangerous drugs and selling it for human consumption.