Government Shun LSE Academics – Utter Stupidity

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The London School of Economics has via a media report, stated that the government as barred some of their academics from advising theOld British Passport Foreign Office on Brexit unless they are British Passport holders.

According to the media report, the Foreign Office has said that nothing would changed following the leave vote, and they would taked advice from academics regardless of their nationality.

Well, my money is on the LSE telling us the truth.  The London School of Economics has nothing to gain by deceiving the public, and if they say that the government barred their non-UK passport holders from giving their wealth of advice to the Foreign Office, I believe them.

It is hypocritical to say that Britain is an outward-looking nation, in fact, the opposite is true Britain is a backward looking society, with a government that could not organize a knees-up in a brewery.

This government focuses so much on their so-called nationalistic bull; they cannot see the woods for the trees.  How could you represent the nation, if you shun the very people who are there to give you important advice on how to make the transition from been in the European Community and leaving.

In my opinion, this government has shown it’s bigotry over and over again.  On the one hand, they are telling the electorate that they wish to preside over a united Britain, where not just the privileged few prosper, but the majority of the nation.  Then they turn around and pull something so stupid that it defies logic.

As far as I am concern give them enough rope, and they will eventually hang themselves.  Why so backward in the way they think? – Unbelievable.